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Alma Bunny's Blog Sale

Lately I've noticed I've become a bit of a hoarder when it comes to my make up, nail polish, etc. Well, going through all of it, I have picked out ones that are being a little neglected and could use a better home!


1. Right now, I'm just trying to figure out this Blog Sale business so I'll only be shipping around the US.
2. PayPal ONLY!
3. Items will be sent via USPS.
4. Shipping will be $2.25 for the first item and will be .50 additional per item.
If shipping price hits more than $5.35, I will ship in a small flat rate box.
If you want tracking or insurance, I will be able to get that for you for an additional fee.
If all the items can't fit in a small flat rate box, we'll discuss further.
5. When paying with PayPal, please send your payment via the GIFT option. (Please refrain from mentioning words that could imply it not being a gift (ex. "sale" "sold" "buy" etc.) 
6. Please DO NOT send any money without discussing with me via e-mail first. 
7. Please confirm with me that the address linked to your PayPal account is the address that your items will be shipped to.
8. No returns - all sales are final. If you are curious as to what the item looks like (nail swatches, etc) you're welcome to research online! I will be as specific as possible with item details though.
9. I'll try my best to package your items as securely as possible but be aware that I cannot be held responsible if anything happens to your item (broken bottle, lost during shipping) during the shipping process. 
10. Some items are missing their labels or the bottle lettering is wearing off. Items will be sold AS IS.

If you're interested in buying any items e-mail me at

I'm still new to this Blog Sale stuff so be patient with me and that would be so greatly appreciated!



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