Tuesday, November 22, 2011

L'Oreal HIP High Intensity Pigments [Beckoning, Unashamed, Intrepid]

The other day while cleaning my kitchen I came across one of my L'Oreal HIP Pigments in Beckoning (the blue one) and I looked at it not knowing where this little bugger came from until I remembered I bought it almost 4 years back in KMart! This brought me to want to write a review on it as well as the other two that I remembered I DID have! So here is a review on the L'Oreal HIP Pigments Beckoning, Unashamed, and Intrepid.

...My Review.
  • One thing is that I HATE loose pigments, I am such a mess with pressed shadow, you DO NOT want to see me with this stuff in the wild. Oh goodness.
  • The colors are so absolutely beautiful. They're very vibrant and very shimmery. If you are not too much a fan of shimmer then these are probably not for you.
  • Mentioned before, they are loose pigments so depending on your preference, you may hate or love it. Whether or not you press them or keep them in their little jars they work well wet or dry with a base/primer but expect a lot of fall out.
  • A plus is that they each come with a small brush that is actually pretty great quality. It's pretty dense with very soft bristles. Only thing I had a problem with is the short handle but it's better than nothing!
  • Each jar has approximately 0.05 oz. or 1.5g in them. I was able to press one of them into a 25mm pan with still about 30% of the product still in the jar.
  • The staying power may vary from person to person. If you have oily lids this may slide off a lot faster since it's so shimmery and almost metallic. If you have really oily lids expect colorful liquid metal in yours eyes. Haha. A primer as well as a base always helps!
...the Colors.

  • Beckoning is a vibrant peacock blue. In some lighting it can be somewhat of a teal and blue duo chrome.
  • Unashamed is a kind of hard to explain color for me. It has a tiny bit of dark brown base with muted pink shimmer to it. I've said before this is pretty much completely shimmer in a jar.
  • Intrepid is the most complicated color of the bunch. It's a burnt red shadow with a green/sea foam green shimmer making it an obvious duo chrome. I can compare it to Too Faced Label Whore eyeshadow as well as one of the shadows in one of the Wet 'N' Wild palettes called Night Elf.

I love these but it's a shame that since they're so shimmery and bright I just don't reach for them often. They're just too "out there" for everyday wear. Are they worth the price? In comparison to MAC pigments where they give you huge containers that you will definitely never finish, these are great alternatives. Do the whole mathematical comparison I think MAC pigments are more bang for their buck but who the heck needs that much shimmery powder in their life! Jebbbbussss. Depending on where you find these they can run from $8 and up in certain stores. If you look hard enough you might be able to find these on sale online. I got mine at K-Mart and CVS while they were on sale. Would I buy more of these? Only of they were on sale because I'm a cheapo.

Would you buy these?


  1. These are stunning, your blog posts are so detailed! You definitely deserve more followers! :)



  2. Thank you! <3 I try, haha. And hopefully in timee!


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