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ELF Hypershine Gloss Review - Bare, Fairy, Berry Merry, Cherry Tart, Pink, Mauve

I'm writing a review on one of my favorite ELF products: The Hypershine Lip Glosses.

ELF states...

"Hyper, glass-like shine infused with micro-mirror technology to reflect light. Smooths lips on contact with a conditioning shine that lasts for hours. Create that natural lip stain of color that's sheer, subtle and beautiful!"

In other words it's just really glossy lip gloss.

I have the colors Fairy, Berry Merry, Cherry Tart, #71364-1 which on the website is just "Pink," Bare, and Mauve. Fairy I got by itself at Target and the other 3 I got in a set at Target as well! For Bare and Mauve I ordered them online.


L-R: Cherry Tart, Berry Merry, Pink, Fairy
L: Flash R: Without Flash

Cherry Tart: This color is a cherry red, which holds true to name. It's extremely pigmented so you if you'd like a bright red lip then just layer this on or use on top of a red lipstick. It has a cream finish. No shimmer or sparkles.

Berry Merry: This color is a muted mauvey color. It's a MLBB (My Lips But Better) color for me because I have extremely pigmented lips. If you have lips like mine it gives you a very cute subtle plumped pout. Otherwise it's decently pigmented. Cream finish with no shimmer or sparkles.

Pink: Pink is a bright pink with a slight amount of gold/silver shimmer to it. The shimmer hardly shows on the lips and generally very hard. I had to look under several types of light in order to pick up the actual shimmers. I want to say it's a barbie pink but I don't think it's that. Barbie pinks usually have a blue undertone to them right? Well I'm honestly not too sure about this pink. Anywho, it's not frosty by all means. Just a tiny tiny bit of shimmer. It's not too pigmented.

Fairy: Fairy is such a complex color. At first I really did not want this because if you look at it in the tube it looks like a light frosty pink and to me that says one word: TRASHY. So everytime I went to Target I'd look at it. Stare at it for a little while and then go "meh" and put it back. Finally after enough badgering myself about it I finally decided to buy it. And I LOVE IT. It's definitely not my type of color. I'm more for a MLBB gloss-with-no-shimmer type of girl but this is just wonderful. It makes my lips look prettier than they already are (not to be conceited, hehe) and it really just does work excellently to enhance the natural color of my lips. It's an extremely shimmery iridescent light pink that I wouldn't consider frosty. It has a tiny bit of light pink color but mostly it's shimmers does all the flashy work.

L: Bare R: Mauve

Bare: This is also such a complex color. It's even hard to describe the color. It's brown but red, but at the same time it's also kind of corally colored. It's pretty much a clear gloss with a ton of shimmer that makes up the color. I was completely blind when I bought this but I'm extremely happy with it. It's definitely not a color I've had before. One thing I've noticed which is different from the rest is that it's a little thicker in consistency. If you see my swatch, it was a little hard to get a clean swatch as well.

Mauve: Mauve is a really similar color to Berry Cherry but a little more purple. To me, with extremely pigmented lips, it looks exactly the same as Berry Cherry on the lips.

These glosses vary when it comes to pigmentation. Cherry Tart being highly pigmented and Pink being well... not. They have a sugary taste that I adore unlike the Luscious Liquid Lipsticks that have the icky minty taste. The only con is that it tastes so much like sugar that I have the tendency to lick it all off within 10 minutes! They're not sticky but a little thicker than other lipglosses. Then again I'm used to more watery glosses. Hum. Overall I love these glosses so much. I actually think the packaging is pretty cute and at a dollar each. Heck yerr! I would definitely recommend these.

Thanks for reading!

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