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My First E.L.F. Order! [Haul + First Impressions] 2011

Sooo I'm usually happy with just going to Target or K-Mart for my ELF fix but I really just couldn't help myself this time! Also. My best friend/cousin Dan bought me a $15 gift certificate (he's the best!) so I ended up just spending a total of $5 on everything. I mostly just ended up getting things from the Essential Line as well as 1 thing that I didn't know existed until the day of my order. I'm super happy with my purchase!

Icky carpet color...

List of items I bought:
  • Essential Natural Radiance Blusher in Coy
  • Essential Natural Radiance Blusher in Flushed
  • Essential Natural Radiance Blusher in Shy
  • Professional Eye Crease Brush
  • Professional Eye Blending Brush
  • Smudge Brush
  • Professional Smudge Eye Sponge
  • Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Strawberry
  • Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Nude Pink
  • Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Perfect Pink
  • Hypershine Lipgloss in Bare
  • Hypershine Lipgloss in Mauve
  • Hypershine Lipgloss in Berry Cherry
  • Essential Lipstick in Nostalgic
  • Mineral Eyeshadow Primer in Blush
  • Mineral Eyelid Primer in Golden
  • Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black
  • Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Teal
First Impressions

Eye Crease Brush - I didn't expect this brush to be so small. It's about the size of a regular pencil. The bristles are a little scratchy and it's shedding a little. I know I'll be able to use this at some point. It's pretty dense.

Smudge Eye Sponge - This is sooooooo tiny! But I think this is my favorite oddly. Even though it's a bit of firm black sponge on a fancy stick I know I'll get use out of this because I love smokey eye looks.

Blending Eye Brush - This is pretty soft. Not as soft as my $1 Eyeshadow brush from ELF. It is super fluffy and it'll be a good blending brush. It's shedding a little right now.

Smudge Brush - I thought this brush would be a lot firmer and stubbier. It's soft but it pretty much looks exactly like my $1 brush. Maybe a TINY bit shorter. It's not very dense. It'll be good for eyeshadow I guess.

Luscious Liquid Lipsticks/Hypershine Lipgloss
L-R: Stawberry, Nude Pink, Perfect Pink, Bare, Mauve, Berry Cherry

LLL Strawberry - This color is a sheered out bright red with red sparkles in it. I really dislike the taste and smell of these. They're an off dentist minty taste and smell but I really just loved the colors.

LLL Nude Pink - Nude Pink is pretty opaque actually. It's a pale pink with a tiny amount of silver shimmers in it. Hardly noticeable.

LLL Perfect Pink - Perfect Pink is also pretty opaque. It's a bright pink color. No shimmer. I don't think it'll work too well with my skin color though.

HLG Bare - This is just a ton (TON) of shimmer inside a clear gloss. It's a little bit like ELF's Fairy Gloss but it's a pale pink almost brown. I think this is just sooo pretty. I haven't really seen any reviews on it online so I bought this completely blind and I really am so happy with it. I'm usually not a shimmer fan but this and Fairy are the few exceptions.

HLG Mauve -
Mauve is a more purple version of Berry Cherry. It's a pale muted out purple berry color.

HLG Berry Cherry - I got this as a free gift. It's a pale berry color that makes my lips a MLBB (my lips but better) color. I already have one of these... Oh well. The more the merrier!

Check out my Hypershine Lipgloss Review! Here.

Natural Radiance Blushers
Top: Coy & Shy Bottom: Flushed

Coy is a really unique color. It's a color I've never owned before so I just couldn't pass it up! It's a pale pink that is almost brown. It's the most pigmented of the bunch but it's also the most powdery. These are extremely tiny as people have said but it was only a dollar and it was definitely worth it.

Flushed is a pretty generic blush. It's a dark pink with a bit of shimmer in it. The container to these were impossible to figure out at first. I effed up my nail polish pretty bad in the process. Then I learned to hold it up-side-down, push down on where the name shows with your thumb, and then pull it out using the little indent handle thing while pushing with your thumb. I wish I knew that before... -_-

Shy is a very pale pink with silver shimmer in it. It's the 2nd powdery of the bunch. There's really not much else to say but that.

Everything Else... Hehe.
L-R: Nostalgic, Golden, Teal, Black, Blush

Eyelid Primer - Golden: This primer is part of the $1 line. Dear goodness, this is such a beautiful primer. It's a super shimmery gold. It blends out really well. I didn't expect much from it but I really am in awe of the little swatch I did on my hand. If my camera didn't suck then I would give you one. This is the main reason I got this order in the first place! Not disappointed!

Mineral Eyeshadow Primer - Blush: I've heard so many good things about the famous ELF Mineral Primer and I've seen enough swatches to last me a lifetime. I was going to go buy that one and give into the hype until I saw that they added a brand new color! I researched all throughout Google but I just could NOT find a review on this! Eventually after enough use I'll make a review myself. I'm so happy I found this even though it was a last minute thing. I really can't describe the color other than it pretty much matches the color of the bottle but a little bit lighter. It has a lot of shimmer to it, just as a warning. I love the packaging because of how sleek it looks with the metal black wand handle.

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen - Black: I got one in black instead of getting one in the store so just in case I got a dry one I could easily just message ELF and they'd send me a new one. It's embarrassing when you have to go up to someone and say you want to return something that was a dollar... In my opinion at least. Fortunately mine was perfect. Very pigmented, not dry at all. I'm sure you've all heard reviews about it, so I won't even bother.

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen - Teal: This is a new color on their website and lemme just say it's a beautiful color! It edges more towards blue but dear goodness this color is fantastic. The color is very bold so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. I think I just bought it because I wanted it, not because I intended on using it. Hmmm.

Essential Lipstick - Nostalgic: I really just could not get a good picture of this lipstick for some reason... so that is why there isn't a picture. Yup. Anyway... This is a pretty nude color. I'm not too sure how well this will look on me because it's really light and I'm really not. It's pretty creamy but it looks like it would be drying.

And so...

That was my haul, you guys! It was a successful first order and I hope to have many more in the future. I really do absolutely love ELF. I'm a very big bargain hunter and their prices are right up my alley. Hope you enjoyed my babbling!

*I ordered on their website October 21st, they shipped on the 24th, and I recieved it in the mail by the 28th. I'm very happy with their shipping time. Processing time, meh.

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