Saturday, October 29, 2011

How to Make Your Lips Soft in a Matter of Hours

Enough with the researching and generic info websites that really just don't tell you much. This specifically is the way that I make my extremely chapped lips (I mean bleeding status) to soft and kissable in only a few hours.

There's 3 things you'll need:
-Carmex Lip Balm (it's only like a dollar everywhere)
-A toothbrush
-A thin consistency chapstick

I cannot stress enough about Carmex. It is my holy grail lip balm. At first I used to hate it because of how thick and menthol filled it was. It didn't have any cute packaging, it was just a pee yellow tube full of minty goo. Once you get past that and you realize how badly you want your soft lips back, well then Carmex is the way to go, in my opinion.

1. What you want to do is wash your lips of any saliva or dry saliva from licking your lips constantly. Licking your lips dries 'em up, sadly. I won't get into the whole science of it, I'll just be straightforward with you. So with warm water scrub at your lips softly with your fingers.

2. Make sure your lips are dry and clean of any mouth secretions and take out the Carmex.

3. This is the uncomfortable part. Slather on the Carmex so it's an extremely thick layer of it. Rub it in softly into your lips.

4. Every 20 minutes or so wipe off the lip balm and then re-apply. Repeat until your lips are soft. They don't have to be peel free but they have to have some color back into them.

5. Take your tooth brush and some warm water and brush your lips gently. If you can't handle the straight on bristles, then use the side of the bristles.

6. Once you've gotten most of the lip peels off, dry your lips and once again, slather on that Carmex! Rub it in, let it stay on for a while. Wipe off. Re-apply.

After a while your lips should be a ton softer. Mine always are by this point. After your lips are at a desired softness, apply a thin consistency lip balm to keep the moisture in but without the heaviness of the Carmex.


Your lips should be kissably soft. If this didn't work for you, I'm sorry for you and your lips. I don't see how it wouldn't though. My lips get extremely dry and painful because I have a bad habit of licking my lips and then rubbing them together. Not to mention my super sensitive lips! Almost anything makes me break out around my lips. Carmex and the Softlips chapsticks gladly do not.

Have a great day!

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