Saturday, December 3, 2011

F21 love & beauty Color on the Go Eyeshadow Palette

I went to the mall to take my sister to return something from Forever 21 the other day and she ended up giving me the store credit. Being the way I am I decided to pick this up since it was only $7 and it was like nothing I've had so far. Sooo today I'm going to be doing a review on the Color on the Go Eyeshadow Palette by Forever 21's makeup brand "love & beauty."

The item is actually supposed to be $9.80 but the big yellow sticker doesn't lie in the end of it all.

...The Product.

The product comes with a few key items: 3 eyeshadow palettes and the travel palette holder and then the container which holds all of those in it. The idea is that you can choose whichever of the 3 palettes you'd like for that day and switch for whatever reason you'd like in the palette holder.

Under each palette of 11 shadows there is a hole so you can pop each one in and out and into the "on the go" palette holder which is on the all the way right.

This is what the palette holder looks on the inside. See the hole at the bottom? It's exactly like that in the bigger palette under each shadow set. I think this is a great concept since I sure as hell don't like carrying around big palettes nor do I like carrying little ones that could shatter in my purse.
This is what it looks like with an eyeshadow palette inserted. It's pretty cute, in my opinion. It also comes with a big mirror and two applicators (that I will probably never use.)

...The Shadows.
Palette #1
Palette #2
Palette #3

As you can see they have a fair amount of colors, shimmery, matte, and some metallic colors too. One thing that confuses me though are the big random white shadows. Two of them are pretty much identical and one is matte. Who needs that much white shadow, I ask you! As far as pigmentation, the mattes aren't as pigmented, the metallic and shimmery shadows are absolutely stunning but there are some super chunky shadows, maybe about 2, that leave a lot of fall out.

...the Swatches.
T-B: Palette #1, Palette #2, Palette #3
I'm still trying to figure out how to do swatches, I have really dry skin on my arms and it shows so I had to adjust the color not only for that, but to make the swatches more true to color and not washed out because of the lighting. Practice makes perfect, right?

As you can see the pigmentation varies and some don't even show up on my skin.

...the Verdict.

Is it worth getting? I think so. I'm actually extremely happy with this. I didn't expect to get the colors I got and expected them to be so beautiful! With that said I can obviously recommend this. It's a cute concept with pros that outweigh the cons. It'd be a great present for any girl who like playing with make up. Even if they aren't too keen on lower end palettes, it's definitely something interesting to play with.

Hope you enjoyed my review!

On another note, a good camera really truly does help with the blogging process. I'm so extremely happy I got one and if you go to my past few posts you can see the obvious difference. All pictures taken by me unless stated otherwise!

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