Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks - Creme [Daring Pink, Demure, Just Enough Buff, Mink, Ravish Me Red] + Lip Swatches

Previously I had made a post reviewing 4 Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks but I thought I'd be more organized and keep the creme finish lipsticks with the creme finish lipsticks, the frosts with the frosts, and so on and so forth. Sooo, here is a recreation of that quick review but specifically for creme finish lipsticks. I bring forth to you Daring Pink, Demure, Just Enough Buff, Mink, and Ravish Me Red!
Out of the 3 finishes from the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks, these ones are my favorite. They're always easy to apply and they're very comfortable on the lips. It's interesting why they'd classify these as "creme" for all of the ones I'm going to review today though, since I was lead to believe that creme finish lipsticks had no shimmer or glitter to it.
About the lipsticks:
  • Daring Pink - Daring Pink is hardly daring at all, in my opinion. It's a muted down raspberry color with gold glitter in it. The formula of this is a bit more dry than the other lipsticks of this line. It also feels a tad bit gritty to apply. It's surprisingly sheer for the color it is. You'd have to apply at least 2 layers to get an opaque lip!

  • Mink - This lipstick is absolutely beautiful. That's surprising to hear myself say since it's a brown lippie. Yes, brown. It's a light brown with a tinge of pink to it and has a true creme finish. You can wear this somewhat sheer or build it up to your liking. It's very moisturizing and easy to apply and the more layers you apply the shinier it will appear on your lips.

  • Ravish Me Red - This color is a bright orange lipstick that definitely leans more towards red. This also has a true creme finish. This lipstick is a very pigmented one and is definitely a bright color so be careful with it! It's very moisturizing and very smooth for easy application and opacity.

  • Demure - Demure is such a beautiful color even though it's rather sheer. It is a pinky peach color with silver/gold shimmer. It's a definite "My Lips But Better" color. It is possible to build this up but it can get a big slippery and sit on top of your lips and can also get a bit streaky. It's very smooth and so moisturizing to the point where I used this as a lip balm at some point!

  • Just Enough Buff - This color is even more sheer than Demure. It's a light nude color with light pink and gold shimmer in it. It's a bit dry surprisingly and it's a bit of a hard color to build up. Like I've said it's extremely sheer so don't expect a lot of color pay off no matter how much you build it up because I honestly find this a bit frosty.
L-R: Just Enough Buff, Demure, Ravish Me Red, Daring Pink, Mink

The staying power always varies with these lipsticks depending on finish, how much you put on, the actions which you'd be doing (eating, etc.), and so on and so forth, so I really can't tell you that. I can say though that Demure and Just Enough Buff are rather sheer so they do wear off easily. It shouldn't cause problems such as bunching up on dry patches of your lips and cause too much damage, look wise.

Now onto lip swatches!

Anyway, I love these lipsticks so. Very. MUCH! Some particular lipsticks lack some things to be desired but overall, they're incredible lipsticks and if not one of the best in the drugstore end of cosmetics. I hope to buy more of them soon but until then, I'll appreciate and love the ones I have now.

Do any of you have a particular favorite in this line? How do you feel about these overall?

Next up, Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipsticks!


  1. Did you apply these from the tube, or with a lip brush? I'm just wondering because Ravish Me Red looks much...thicker?...on me. I wonder if you've applied a thinner layer here.

    1. I applied from the tube but I did do a thin swipe over then shaped accordingly. With the Revlon lipsticks I've noticed that these become really liquidy feeling similar to NYX Round Lipsticks if you apply too much.

      What color does it end up looking for you? Orangey or red? Because when I DO do a thicker application it looks more arm swatch colored.

  2. Does daring pink have a frost finish to it?


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