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Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks - Ruby, Carnation, Soft Nude, Peach, Blush

I've been holding off on doing this review on these lipsticks for the longest time! Why? One particular lipstick that gave me the HARDEST time to apply it correctly. Today, I was finally somewhat successful and I was able to move on and finish the rest of the swatches and now post a quick review on these lippies. Today I'll be doing a review on 5 Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks: Ruby, Carnation, Soft Nude, Peach, and Blush. Let's get started!
I love the packaging of these lipsticks! With a quilt-esque design and a sleek mixture of shine & matte black, I just adore the look of these. The colors on the top makes it easy to see which one you want and they just happen to be such cute ones too!

[L-R] Peach, Carnation, Blush, Soft Nude, Ruby

Here are the lipsticks I'll be reviewing for you today! You can see already how smooth these are looking at the shine it gives off in the tube! (Especially the Ruby one!)

About the lipsticks:
  • They're actually surprisingly sheer so you're going to have to layer this on, even with the darker colors! You could even describe them as a bit... liquidy?

  • In comparison to other lipsticks, these are extremely moisturizing; they're very smooth to apply.

  • I personally thought these kind of had an icky smell... Yeah, I know, why would you smell a lipstick? I did, and I didn't like it.

  • Often shades are discontinued unexpectedly. For example, I bought Blush and Ruby on sale unaware they would be the last ones I'd ever see!

  • These are pretty comfortable to wear but like I said they have an icky smell... sometimes it's off putting to wear these.

  • Colors?
    - Soft Nude: This lipstick was the one that gave me all hell. Like most nude lipsticks you have to dab this on instead of doing the normal swipes; this one was no exception. Funny enough though that even with a dabbing motion this is so difficult to apply anyway! The formula of this lipstick is a bit thin so you have to apply a lot of layers to get a full opaque color. Unfortunately this can get rather streaky so be ready to use your finger to blend it in to your liking which is what I had to do. The color is a beautiful nude with a pink undertone to it with no shimmer or anything. A perfect nude.. but sadly not for me. This color was a bit too light for my skin tone and it oddly brought out the brown pigmentation on my top lip that I didn't know existed. Uh, not a good look. It also showed the dryness of my lips that didn't show at all with any other of the lipsticks. It was just a huge mess with what could have been a wonderful experience.

    -Blush: Blush is a somewhat sheer shimmery peachy pink color. Since it is sheer it works with the natural color of your lips. For example my lips are decently pigmented so instead of showing as the pretty peachy pink in the tube, it turned into a light pink color. It's absolutely beautiful! If you put on enough it will start looking like the color in the tube but I prefer not to, since it's shimmery. I can easily call this a MLBB color.

    -Carnation: This lipstick is a shimmery blue toned medium pink with a bit of a blue sheen to it. This is also a sheer colored lipstick that works with the color of your lips. I noticed that even when applying a ton of layers that it was still not to it's full opaque color that shows in the tube. When you see the lip swatches you'll notice that it practically turned almost purple! Why? I really cannot understand and it really surprised me. It's beautiful in the tube but meh on the lips.

    - Peach: As the name states, this is a beautiful peach color with a bit of shimmer. It is one of the more opaque colors that gave me no trouble with application. It does show a bit lighter on the lips than what shows on the tube so beware those who are looking for an orangey peach color.

    - Ruby: Ruby, in the tube, is a deep bombshell red with no shimmer that just looks absolutely stunning. Sadly this doesn't show on your lips thus making this the most disappointing out of the bunch. When applied, it's a sheer red that ends up almost looking like a pigmented red gloss because it's so sheer. The wow factor that you'd expect with a color like this just completely disappears. It didn't apply easily and it was almost a bit streaky and you can see on the lip swatch below that it sat in the lines of your lips which is something I have never experienced with such a deep color lipstick. This made me sad...
Lip swatches!

*All taken in natural lighting.

Overall, these are great lipsticks. I do have an issue with their lack of opacity but that doesn't take away the beauty of them. My favorite out of all of them are definitely Peach and Blush. Peach should be in stores but unfortunately Blush has been discontinued as far as I'm aware but you still should be able to find it online or some other places such as Big Lots. I wouldn't necessarily say that all of these lipsticks are hit or miss but I can say that some can be more preferable to your liking than others depending on your opinion.

Hope you enjoyed my review & my lip swatches! What do you think of these?

I'm really starting to put a dent on my web picture album that uploads my pictures! Eep! What to do, what to do!


  1. These all look absolutely gorgeous! I'll have to try some of these :)

    Hannah xx


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