Sunday, December 25, 2011

What's Your Opinion? Fake MAC Brushes

This has actually a pretty common topic in the beauty world: Would you buy fake MAC brushes? It always depends on the person. One would shudder at the thought of betraying MAC that way. Some just don't give a $#@* and would buy them anyway. As long as they're good brushes, right?

[Image taken from eBay]

While browsing on eBay I came across this set and I just decided to act on impulse and buy them! Was it wrong of me to do? No, I don't think so. They're, after all, just brushes. Have I ever really cared about the brand of my brushes? No, not at all. I have a bunch of no name ones and as long as they do what they're supposed to then I hold no grudge.

This set was $12.99 which was the best deal I could find on this particular bunch. I haven't yet received them but chances are I'll just cover up the "fake" MAC logo with stickers or ribbon, something along the lines. Expect a review shortly after though!

What is your opinion? Would you buy these? Is it really that big of a deal?


  1. I would buy them! I mean they're cheap and all so why not? No one needs to know if your brushes are fake or real as long as they do the job!

  2. I agree! No one I know would ever judge me on the certain brushes I use (maybe except my little sister who is so snobby about her make up. She's only 14!) I can honestly say I'll never buy a real MAC brush. I just can't imagine spending that much on ONE when I can get 12 for half the price! Exactly. As long as they do the job!


  3. I have a set of fake ones. I got the 24 piece and I think they're really good. Some feel just as good as the real ones and some feel fake but they're still great I think. I wouldnt even bother covering up the fake mac logo. Who cares :)

  4. That's great to hear that you found good ones! And yeah, true. Thinking about it, I might as well not. Who's going to see them!


  5. I Ordered them just yesterday..lets see

    1. haha. i actually do love the brushes I bought. mm. do you know which ones you got exactly?


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