Monday, February 6, 2012

Febuary: Song I've Been Loving - Lucas Prata - "And She Said"

Hahaha, so tonight I came across this song randomly and I started laughing hysterically. This song is one of the best throwbacks I have ever come across. I'm not sure if it was only in America that this became famous but those who are around my age and a bit older should recognize this and should at least make you smile. The song came out in 2004, sooo, I was... 11. Oh wow! Haha. Anyway, enjoy!

The music video is absolutely terrible but just don't watch it and it won't take away the splendor of this song.

"and she said yeah yeah yeah (yeah yeah yeah) oooh oh (oooh oh) Yeah yeah yeah (yeah yeah yeah) wa oh (wa oh)."


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