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F21 love & beauty Nourishing Lip Color - Brick, Cherry, Light Pink Review + Lip Swatches

I recently went on a bit of a blogging hiatus but now I'm back, kinda! I'll be still posting reviews and stuff but maybe more spread out than my usual quota of at least 3 a day, haha. Anyway, I'll be doing a review on the love & beauty by Forever 21 Nourishing Lip Colors in Brick, Cherry, and Light Pink!
These lip colors (I'll call them lipsticks from now on) are semi-sheer. They have two finishes being a creme finish, which Cherry has, and then a shimmer finish, which Brick and Light Pink have.
L-R: Brick, Cherry, Light Pink

Here you can see the difference in finishes, Brick and Light Pink looking a lot drier in texture than Cherry which looks a lot more shiny and smoother looking.
L-R: Cherry, Light Pink, Brick

This picture depicts really well what the colors look like in the tube. Cherry looks kinda gross, huh? I think it looks like that because the consistency of the lipstick was so thin that it was probably a little more difficult to shape into a certain form.

  • Cherry is a semi-sheer dark pink color with a super smooth texture. It kind of reminds me a bit of the Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Cherry Me but with a bit more pigmentation and the fact that Cherry me is more red. It also doesn't have any flavor.

  • Light Pink is a semi-sheer light pink color with silver shimmer. In the tube it looks a lot darker but when applied to the lips, since it's sheer, it turns lighter. When you first apply this it will feel extremely dry and uncomfortable but after your lips warms it up a little it will go on much smoother. It will feel a bit gritty though. I'm not sure if they've stopped making this color because I haven't seen it in stores recently. I bought it when these first came out.

  • Brick is a a rusted brick red color with gold shimmer. This also applies sheer and looks a tiny lighter on the lips than in the tube. Out of all 3, this was the driest feeling to apply and the grittiest feeling.

    Each go for $1.50!
Here are some lip swatches!

All of these lip sticks work with the color of your lips and thus this is how they showed up on me in natural lighting.

Incredibly priced with great colors, how can you go wrong with these? They can be found in every Forever 21, so they're easy to get a hold of. They have great wearable colors and they are actually rather "nourishing" which is especially true for Cherry which is very moisturizing. I would definitely recommend these!

Would you buy these? What do you think?

*First Image was taken from Google

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