Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Hey, guys, I know it must have been kind of a while since I've made a post and I really apologize for that. A lot of things have been going on in my life that I cannot say are very happy. Right now I'm just trying to put my life back together and trying to get back on my own two feet. For a while I won't be doing any posts and I really want to apologize in advance for that. I hope you all are doing well and all of you are having a wonderful new year so far.

Talk to you later, my lovely friends and readers.



  1. Take all of the time you need, what ever is going on in your life should be your main priority right now, there's no need to apologise! I hope things work out okay for you, I'm here for you if you need anything :)

    Hannah xx

  2. don't apologise.
    I hope you're okay and take as long as you like
    <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  3. Thank you, you two <33333 Things are getting a little better already. Just gonna take some time. Will be back to posting maybe today!


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