Friday, February 24, 2012

Tag: Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty

I've been seeing a lot of these videos around floating on YouTube and I thought it'd be fun to do a post about it since I don't make any videos myself. (Maybe someday?)

Here are the questions:

1 - Greed: What is your most inexpensive beauty product? What is your most expensive beauty product?

I have a lot of inexpensive make-up because I'm a huge bargain buyer. I suppose if I had to choose all the products that are full price and cheapest I'd say a majority of my ELF products such as the Hypershine Glosses and such. For my most expensive, it'd have to be my MAC Pro Longwear Foundation that I got for $30+. I don't buy high end almost ever besides when I 100% sold on it and I've done my research!

2 - Wrath: what beauty product do you have a love/hate relationship with? What product has been hardest to get?

One thing I have the HUGEST love/hate relationship with is almost all blushes. I freaking love blush, it looks gorgeous on absolutely everyone but one thing I can't stand is how it doesn't show up on me unless I have foundation on! Maybe it's the fact that my skin is super oily but like no matter what, it just doesn't stick. The only blushes that DO show up on me are those vibrant "gurl what da hell you wearing" blushes and that's just not a good look for everyday wear. The products that I have had the hardest time getting are just foundations in general. There's always an issue with it not being yellow enough, it being too light, too dark, can I afford it, etc. I finally found a great foundation with MAC's Pro Longwear but I am still trying to find a great affordable foundation that takes good pictures (no white cast) and is has the perfect color. Pretty much nonexistent.

3 - Gluttony: What are your most delicious beauty products?

I cannot rave enough about how much I LOVE the smell of the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks. They smell like candy and ugh, just so good. Also, I love the smell of the Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Cherry Me.

4 - Sloth: What beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?

I'd have to definitely say mascara. I have decently long lashes but they're stick straight. For me to have noticeable lashes I'd have to first CURL and then APPLY. Just too lazy. Plus, it's a pain to take off.

5 - Pride: What beauty product gives you the most self-confidence?

It would have to be black eyeliner. I can make my dull face instantly look so much better with just a bit of liner applied on my upper lash line and then smudged out on my lower lash line for an instant smokey look. Eyeliner is seriously the only thing I wear every single day. The one I reach for the most is my jane. Mineral Gel Liner.

6 - Lust: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?
The attributes that attract me the most is a guys voice, his playful side, and modesty. I'm really particular about a guy's voice; I don't like them sounding nasally or high pitch or anything like that. I really couldn't describe to you the perfect voice, but yeah, haha. Also, the guy has to have a good sense of humor and has to want to cuddle and not just... you know. As for modesty, I think that is such a huge thing. I am definitely not into guys with huge egos or are name droppers. Just definitely not.

7 - Envy: What product do you most like to recieve as a gift?

Well, I'd have to say I have two things on the top of my wishlist. One being the MUFE HD Foundation, something that I've been wanting FOREVER. And also the Urban Decay Naked Palette which I'm sure everyone else has but I sure don't...

Those were my 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty! I had a ton of fun with this tag and now I want other people to have fun as well! You're welcome to take the tag! I'd love to hear what your sins are!

*All images were made by me with images taken from the internet. The tag title was created by me, though, but you're welcome to use it for yourself!

Have fun my beauty bloggers!


  1. I definitely agree with you about mascara! I have to use mine every day as I have tiny lashes ahahaa xx

    1. Hahaha, ugh! If only I had the drive. My sisters have great lashes that they managed to make goddesses of with mascara but I just can't!

  2. this looks like a good tag. please can I do this :)
    I'm new to blogging

    I'm following you <3 xxx

    1. Of course you're welcome to! The more the merrier! Welcome to my blog!



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