Saturday, February 25, 2012

New ELF Products!

Today, while browsing the ELF website, I found out that they have released a new array of products onto their website! Maybe I'm the only one excited about this, maybe not, but I just wanted to let everyone know and maybe they can pick up a couple new products for themselves!

Pictured above are some new items on the website, all priced at $2 each! Below I'll list all the products in this new $2 range. Also, I'll list a couple new things that have been released that is scattered within the Studio Line and the Essential Line!

New $2 Items:
  • ELF Lip Stain (4 Colors Available)
  • Flawless Eyeshadow Quad (6 Colors Available)
  • Glitter Shadow (8 Colors Available)
  • Volumizing Mascara (Only in Black)
  • Shimmer Lip Gloss (6 Colors Available)
  • Blush With Brush (Same as Essential Line Blushes but w/ Different Packaging)
  • Bronzer With Brush (4 Colors Available)
  • Cover Everything Concealer (4 Colors Available)
  • Zit Zapping Concealer (4 Colors Available)
  • Eye Make Up Remover Pads
Other New Items Worth Mentioning:
  • Studio Glitter Shadow Applicator
  • Studio High Definition Undereye Setting Powder
  • Face Cleanser
  • Face Line Filler
  • Studio Kohl Liner
  • Studio Mineral Powder Brush
  • Essential Powder Brush
  • Studio Lash Extending Mascara
  • Studio Matte Lip Color (New Colors - Nearly Nude, Rich Red)
  • Studio Brow Treat & Tame (New Color - Dark)
  • Mineral Foundation (8 New Colors)
I could keep going on for ages, but I won't! Go check out the site at! For new products click here!

I would love to try some new items but I'm too poor right now. Maybe someday!


  1. I love ELF. They're so cheap and have deals on so often...I reckon there'll be one on next weekend when they're facebook page reaches 305k fans. I'm excited to try their lip stains as I haven't yet.

    I just started following - great blog! x

  2. I love love love ELF! And oh, thank you for the heads up! I was thinking of buying some lip stains to try out myself. Maybe give them to my little sister. Really excited!

    Thank you so much! Welcome to my blog!


  3. I loved your blog. congratulations, is very beautiful. I'm following him.

    1. Thank you so much! Welcome welcome to my blog!


  4. I hope they start to sell these products on the UK website! :)

    Hannah xx

  5. i too am an avid ELF lover!! it is just epic!!!!! i'd love it if you could take a minute to follow my blog! xx u r a babe xx

  6. I really want to try some more elf stuff out, haven't made an order in ages!!
    Love your blog. xx

    1. I know, me too like really really badly...!

      Thank you so much.



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