Sunday, February 12, 2012

Welcome Home, Tysen!

So, if you've read my previous post about what I've been wanting lately, you'll see that I mentioned wanting a dog of my own to be my full responsibility and so on and so forth. Today I bring forth my new little puppy and love of my life, Tysen! A Maltese-Shih Tzu mix (Malshi as they called him), he is a total of 5 lbs. and 1 ounce.

This is a part of the post that I just recently added: The reason for me finally buying a dog for myself is because I am on medical leave from school I stay home 90% of the day, if not 100%. My mother thought it would be a good idea because I do get lonely a lot and I do suffer from depression. When I was younger I got into some bad stuff (thankfully I didn't get into any trouble) and I have just been wanting to avoid that scene. Unfortunately the "good" people around here are all off to university whilst the "bad" ones have remained in my hometown doing the exact same thing they've been doing since high school. I figured that I shouldn't be alone, especially since I do get depressed a lot, but I should have a positive environment for when I go back to school. This is not my parents spoiling myself. They are just trying to help me get past hard times.

Sorry the pictures aren't the best! He only sits still when he's napping and when I happen to not have my camera on me.

He has been taking a lot of my time and a lot of my sleep time but it's so worth it. He's just so cute and loving! Hopefully I'll be able to train him correctly and make him into a cute little gentleman.

Does anyone have any advice for a new dog owner? Anything is appreciated! Thank you!


  1. awww he's cute!!
    I used to have a dog (well, I was about 6 so my mum mainly looked after her!) and she really liked my mum, because she recieved alot of attention from her. She didn't really like me much because all I wanted to do was pick her up!!
    <3 :D

  2. He's absolutely gorgeous Alma! I'm so jealous, I've always wanted a puppy :)

    Hannah xx

    1. Thank you! He's so extremely sweet and playful!! If you met him you'd fall in loveee! Hahaha


  3. That puppy is actually THE cutest thing i have ever seen in my entire life!!!!! xxx you lucky duck!


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