Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An Unhappy (& MIA) Alma Bunny

Title says it all... seriously.

Why have I been slacking when it comes to posting?
- Admittedly, I've kind of lost my drive because a few weeks back I noticed that some of my posts were deleted! Was it during the Blogger upgrade transition? Was it a hacker? I'm not sure but it has made me not want to post. Why work hard taking pictures, putting tons of effort into something only for it to be deleted, ya know?
- No access to internet. Yup, that's kind of a big one as well. I'm actually on my dinky phone typing this up. Haha.
- School is getting really difficult. REALLY difficult. It's my last couple weeks before finishing nursing school (finally) and I have so much work I've yet to complete.
- My new boyfriend (not really new, we've actually been dating officially since April!) has been taking up a lot of my attention.
- I got a job! Yeah! Haha. I work at Hollister mainly as the front room girl that says "hey, how's it going!" while I fold tons of clothes nonstop.

Those are the main reasons excluding the obvious frustrations with lighting (making crappy pictures) and just utter laziness.

On a side note: I already have tons of posts comin' up that are listed in my head. One being that I've hit over 20,000 page views! Whoop! Also, I've gotten into nail stamping so I have some fun pictures in regards to that as well.

As always, biggest apologies, I appreciate you all. Posting comin' up ASAP!

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