Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New ELF Nail Polishes and Polish Sets!

Finally got to looking at the website today only to find that they added a few new polishes to their line! Specifically called "Glitter Nail Polish" with 3 new shades called Dream Maker, Gold Star, and Chic Confetti
Ugh, they're gorgeous. Retailing for $2 USD each
They also have new holiday polish sets that include a few new shades, including 2 of the new glitter polishes mentioned above as well as a free nail accessory set with the purchase of this cube!

This cube is retailing for $14 USD. 

Another polish that has come out is: 

I don't think this set has any new colors but the bottles are mad cute. This set retails for $15 USD.

I am loving ELF right now but too bad I'm too broke right now to buy anything...

If you're not in the same situation I am, I say go head to right now and make your order! Currently they are having a sale for 50% off holiday gifts/gift sets! CODE: 50GIFTS

Also, I have my handy dandy free shipping code on orders of $15+ here.

Happy holidays and happy shopping, folks! 


  1. Woohoo! New shades & they are glamorous. :D I've had pretty good experiences with elf polishes, but I feel like they use up pretty fast...Or maybe I use too much? haha

    1. The bottles definitely are deceiving... and you could be using too much polish. :P

  2. I never tried ELF's nail polish yet! How would you rate them? The colors are pretty! New follower here btw, please check mine out when you can :)

    1. The formulas of ELF polishes have been hit or miss for me. They can either be pretty goopy or really easy to apply but also can be easy to chip. They're extremely affordable with a huge color range so I'd give them a 3.5/5. I like them enough to keep buying more!

      And thank you for following and welcome to my blog! Will check yours out asap!

  3. Looks cool, tho never tried ELF's nail polish. It reminds me of opi. i think. ^_~

    followed your blog, hope u could follow mine. ^_~


    1. Thanks for following! Will check your blog out!


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