Saturday, December 1, 2012

Layla Hologram Effects - Mercury Twilight Swatch and Mini Review

Today I'm going to be swatching this beauty for you, as well as reviewing it a little, with an explanation  on application. 

Mercury Twilight is a silver holographic polish with a very strong linear effect. Isn't it a beaut!

For my application, I didn't use any base coat. I don't currently own an aqua base, and using any other base coat has only made application more difficult for me, personally. The trick for me is to seriously just be more patient. Also, buffing your nails smooth is a very important factor for easier application and just overall better looks. You don't need the specific Layla emery board; anything will do.

- When applying coats, make them somewhat thick and NEVER go over one place twice; if you have a bald spot, just go over it with the next coat. Let it dry. When it's try, it'll lose it's sheen and will become more satiny looking in the light. After the desired amount of coats, put your hands under low light and you should be able to see your missed spots. This is when you spot coat. With a decent amount of polish on the brush, go from the top of the nail, all the way to the end, going over your bald spots. The beauty about this polish is that it evens out by itself and it dries extremely fast. Last thing, NEVER apply a top coat for this holographic polish, I've tested it out and yes... it does dull the holo effect.

I added this picture for the sake of it being cool lookin'. Haha, expect this as my next banner for when I update my blog layout.

This is a gorgeous, GORGEOUS polish and it would be my favorite one of all time if the wear time wasn't horrendous. Without a base coat or top coat, this polish chipped ridiculously. This mani held through for a good hour with no chipping, but once I showered, so much had chipped off. I still kept this polish on for 3 days afterwards though because it was so pretty even with all the horrible tip wear. The application for me was extremely smooth because of how fast it dried. This can be a little pricey at $15.50 USD for such a small bottle and considering how much polish you actually use per manicure. Would I buy this again? I'm not too sure. I feel like I could get a longer lasting strong holographic polish for a cheaper price (Color Club, I'm looking at you) but for my strongest holo of my collection, I'm in love and I don't regret buying it.

Hope you enjoyed my swatches! How do you feel about this polish?


  1. This looks GOOORGEOUS!!! I've never seen holographic nail polish before! O_O I want it so so so much now...

    1. Haha, holographic polishes are my favorite. I bought mine off of HauteLook when there was a sale. You can buy these at Ulta though! There are also great holographic polishes from Urban Outfitters that have come out, as well as Color Club.

  2. OMG Holographic, I love the polish and must agree that it is gorgeous!!


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