Sunday, December 2, 2012

Layla Hologram Effects - Ocean Rush Swatch + Mini Review

Ocean Rush is the only other one besides Mercury Twilight that I own of the Layla Hologram Effect collection. It's a gorgeous medium blue (that leans more towards green) with a strong linear holographic effect. 

Can you believe this [picture above] is an unedited picture (excluding the water marks)? Ugh, these polishes photograph beautifully.

The application was so much easier than with Mercury Twilight, this being 3 coats. The formulas a tiny bit thicker which makes for more opaque coats, but the holo effect is not as strong, not saying that this isn't extremely strong. The wear time was just as bad as MT. I can say this because I didn't even wash my hair in the shower 3 minutes ago and I still got severe tip wear. 

I bought my bottles off of HauteLook when Layla was selling on there for around $9, with each bottle being accompanied by a free Layla buffing board. Normal retail price is $15.50 each bottle.

Here's an overly edited picture that I thought was cool looking. (Above)

And lastly, a picture of it on a cloudy Sunday morning. Extremely color accurate from my perspective. 

Hope you enjoyed my swatches! Adios!

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