Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Quick NOTW + My Everyday Make-Up

As the title states, a quick NOTW; keepin' it simple with a gorgeous light grey with pink-fiery orange colorshift flecks within it. The polish is Grey-T to Be Here from Essence

You can see some tip wear, but it hasn't chipped which is wonderful. Can't find good polishes like these anymore. I absolutely adore how quickly these dry; one of my favorite polish lines by far.

Now onto my everyday look. I work at Hollister and they're very particular about their look policy. Technically I'm not supposed to be wearing any make-up at all but I just look atrocious without any at all. 

I'm so scared of posting pictures of myself online because they always get stolen. Sigh. Anyway, as far as make up, I've been wearing Revlon Colorstay (in Golden Caramel) to cover up my under eye circles and a chemical burn under my mouth (yeah... don't ask) and for eye make up, my Sleek Palette is still going strong, using the brown to add definition to my eyes without making it look like I have any eyeshadow on at all. I smudge some black shadow to the outer corners and blend as well as I can. Mascara wise, I use Maybelline Full 'n Soft, one of my favorite mascaras of all time, to keep it natural but still noticeable enough. This is literally my everyday look that takes 4 minutes to do.

Whatcha guys think of my current profile picture on FB? :)


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