Monday, April 1, 2013

Artsy As Hell Polish Haul

A HAUL! I haven't done a haul in ages, I feel like. Which is pretty much true. I buy so much to the point where I can't even keep track. But I've finally been able to settle down for the first time in a while and take pictures and everything. Chyea! 

The places I picked these polishes up at were Walgreens and a local beauty supply in Peekskill, NY that I had never been to before called Urban Beauty Supply. I was so nervous because I have a bit of anxiety when it comes to going in stores I've never been before. A little weird, I know, but oh well. Here are a few pictures that I made SUPER ARTSY, just cuz. 

I was FINALLY able to find these babies around my area. I literally have gone to so many drugstores on multiple occasions to no avail, UNTIL TODAY!!! Thank you Walgreens!

Milani Texture Cream - Tainted in Red ($3.99)
Milani Texture Cream - Shady Gray ($3.99)
Milani Texture Cream - Aqua Splash ($3.99)

These and the polishes to follow I got from the beauty supply. I got one polish cheaper because the guy who rang me up was nice, kinda. You probably can't tell from the picture but I picked up 2 pastel blue polishes... I don't know why. I've been aching to get Zoya Blu but if I can find a cheaper alternative, why not! Also, blue is my boyfriend's favorite color, so I thought maybe he'd like these.

NK Nail Enamel - Pastel Light Blue ($0.99)
Kleancolor - Holo Blue ($1.99)
Kleancolor - Pastel Blue ($0.99)

This last picture is kinda crummy but it's just a haul right? But yay Ruby Kisses! I've been wanting some of this brands polishes for ages and I thought I was going to have to order online which I hate! (I'm too impatient, haha.) 

Ruby Kisses - Teal Envy ($0.99)
Ruby Kisses - Yellowed Out ($0.99)
Ruby Kisses - Tropical Blend ($0.99)

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