Monday, December 26, 2011

Maybelline Super Stay 10 Hr Stain Gloss Review + Lip Swatches

If you read in a previous post I received these from my brother's girlfriend on Christmas and I was so excited to receive them. Here's a quick review and some lip swatches with these on. Enjoy!

These gloss stains are supposed to last up to 10 hours on your lips. My experience? Dear god, do they stain. Hahaha. With applying these, all of them were so incredibly difficult to take off. Difficult to the point where I had to scrub my lips with a toothbrush raw and I still could not get all of it off! What I love about these is that they don't slip and slide around which is great and such a pet peeve of mine when it comes to stuff that is extremely pigmented on my lips. The consistency of these vary. I'll explain that later on.

L-R: Luxurious Lilac, Blissful Brown, Cool Coral, Ruby Indulgence

Now onto the lip swatches!

The ones I like the best are Ruby Indulgence and Cool Coral. Here's why:
  • Ruby Indulgence is smooth and extremely pigmented. I had no problem applying this and it dries beautifully on my lips. It has no shimmer so it kind of looks like blood! After applying this, dab your lips with a tissue and you'll get a beautiful "just-ate-a-red-popsicle" look! This is probably the only red lip I'd ever be comfortable with!
  • Cool Coral is such a beautiful color. It is indeed a coral color with gold sparkle that gave no issues as far as streaking. It has the 2nd thinnest consistency of all 4.
  • Luxurious Lilac is my least favorite of them all. It has the thickest consistency and it's just... purple! It just did not work with my skin tone at all. The pigmentation though, is incredible. It's a bright neon purple with blue shimmer to it. It did streak quite a bit so I wouldn't suggest wearing this alone.
  • Blissful Brown was the sheerest of them all but don't get me wrong, it is still very pigmented. On my lip swatch above I packed it on as much as I could and it still sheered out a little bit. It does have some silver sparkle in it but it's not very noticeable. I wouldn't suggest wearing this by itself.
In this picture I literally just woke up and I thought to myself "Hey, let's sport a red lip shall we?" Haha. (Me with Ruby Indulgence on)

I really love these and I'll be looking into getting these in more colors. Have you seen these in stores yet? Would you try these?


  1. You look really pretty! I love the colour cool coral!

  2. I love the coral and the ruby colour! Both very pretty :) I'll definetly look into trying these out :)

    Hannah xx

  3. @zarzz: thank you!

    @Hannah: yes, definitely! I bet they'd look beautiful on you!


  4. you're very pretty. I love these I was oing to buy the red one.
    :) x

  5. Thank you so much! And go for it! It's so worth it.


  6. I really like the Luxurious Lilac. I love purple lips. Now I have to go hunt these down. lol

  7. @Emerald City Pretty: I bet it would look lovely on you! Unlike on me. x.x



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