Monday, January 9, 2012

DIY Lip Palette with ELF Lip Encyclopedia Re-Panning

A little while back I bought the ELF Lip Encyclopedia but really was just not a fan of the packaging. A cardboard book with instructions of doing what? No thank you. Impulsively I decided to take the lip pans out of the book and I placed them in a make-shift palette also known as an empty CD case. After a while having the CD case with the pans grew annoying to my eyes. It was just not aesthetically pleasing at all. Thus, I decided to improve upon the empty CD palette idea. You can see my DIY Eyeshadow palette tutorial kinda thing here.

On the case is the quote "Waking up to kissies in the morning" which is a very important quote to me pertaining to Jeff. I won't get sappy in this post, don't worry. Anyway, this is the new palette that I made myself.

Here is the inside of the palette! As you can see I lined all of the ELF Encyclopedia pans inside. If you haven't caught on yet, these are not the original pans which are actually a square shape.

Using a dental pick to scrape the lip color out of the old pans and into the new round ones, then using a source of heat (my hair straightener) I was able to get it all even and smooth. This was extremely EXTREMELY messy. How I stuck the pans onto the back was with eyelash glue. I've noticed with regular glue, craft glue, Crazy Glue, it can effect the pans sometimes, causing it to shatter. This has happened to me with a black eyeshadow of mine... wooo... Buttt, I haven't had an issue with eyelash glue.

Et voila! This is a before and an after picture but a little inverted. Anywho. Hope you enjoyed my little arts & crafts project! Bye!

This is pretty much how I did it and how I also learned how too!

** This can be a bit dangerous, and there is a risk of you ruining your hair straightener, so be warned!

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