Monday, January 9, 2012

Let's Talk: Cream/Gel Liners - ELF Cream Eyeliner, jane. Be Pure Mineral Gel Eyeliner, Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner

Hey guys, today I'm just going to be doing a quick comparison of 3 gel/cream liners that have become staples in my make-up collection. The liners I will be comparing today are the ELF Cream Eyeliner, the jane. Be Pure Mineral Gel Liner, and the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner. Out of the 3, which one comes on top? Let's see.
  • Prices and weight:
- jane. Be Pure Mineral Gel Liner $4.79-$6.99 for 0.17 oz./5.0 g
Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner $7.49 - $9.99 for 0.106 oz/3.0 g
- ELF Cream Eyeliner $3 for 0.17 oz./4.7 g (?)

One thing I have to mention is that supposedly the jane. liner and the ELF liner are the same weights, both claiming to be 0.17 oz but mentioning that in grams they are not the same. Looking at both liners, looking at every angle of each pot, I can easily say that the jane. liner DEFINITELY has more product in it, excluding the heavier glass container. Other than that, the Maybelline liner has the least amount of product in it for the highest price of the 3.

One thing to mention is that all these included a small brush, Maybelline having the biggest most versatile brush, jane. having a great quality small dense angled liner brush, and ELF having a medium TINY angled liner brush.
  • The pigmentation & texture:
L-R: ELF, Maybelline, jane.

These are all in the black color range, the Maybelline liner being "Blackest Black", ELF being "Black", and the jane. liner being "Black" as well. Funny enough, I thought the Maybelline Liner was the least black of the two. I saw that the ELF liner has a brown undertone to it, the Maybelline liner being a lighter black and the jane. liner being the purest blackest of the 3.

Unfortunately, it doesn't show in the picture of the swatches I took.

Out of the 3, the creamiest and easiest to use product was the ELF liner, which before it dried, had a wet sheen unlike the other 2 liners. The least creamy was the jane. liner which was a tad bit dried up in the pot but previously when I first bought it, it was always a little dry in texture. Maybelline fit in the middle as far as texture.
  • Staying power:
All of these liners claim to be long lasting, and smudge proof. According to the companies, here are their claims:

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner: The liner is claimed to be an oil-free formula that holds highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base and it is smudge-proof and waterproof for 24 hours.

My personal experience with this, this transferred onto my top lid like crazy. It just slid off once my lids got the slightest bit oily.

jane. Be Pure Mineral Gel Liner: This liner contains a unique hydrating formula loaded with minerals for a smooth long lasting water resistant coverage.

ELF Cream Eyeliner: The site claims that this is smudge-proof, budge-proof and water-resistant for all day wear to combat against sweat, tears or rain.

My personal experience with this, it came off extremely easily when I tried taking this off. I have read claims of it being difficult to take off but I just don't understand why. Maybe those with drier lids know.

Because of these claims, I decided to really test it out.

This is after rubbing extremely hard with a tissue. The Maybelline liner was the most affected whilst the jane. liner did not budge the slightest.

This was after rubbing extremely hard with hot water and dish soap. The jane. liner still holding up quite a bit, while the other 2 are basically gone.

  • Verdict: As you can most likely see, the jane. Be Pure Mineral Gel Liner held up the most, not only in value, but in it's claims which were the least of the 3. I really am glad I made a comparison of the 3 because now I know to reach for this liner more often, since it has been neglected as of recently. Hooray!
Hope you enjoyed my comparison! Tell me what you think and if you've ever tried any of these before. What were your experiences? I'd love to hear!


  1. I really need to try the Elf eyeliner, but I love my Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, I wouldn't leave the house without it.

    Lovely blog,

    I'm following :)

  2. With the price tag of the ELF liner vs the bobbi brown one, there is no comparison! It's definitely worth a try, though I have heard nothing but great reviews about the BB one!

    Thank you so much!


  3. I love cream eyeliners! Nice post :)
    xox, Maria

  4. Thank you! I love them too. Lately I haven't been reaching for them as much I've been reaching for the ELF one. Easiest to apply in my opinion.



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