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Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hr Lipsticks - Never Ending Nude, Ravishing Rouge, Beige Forgood Review + Lip Swatches

Hey guys! A quick apology that these pictures aren't as good as they usually are. I haven't had any luck with lighting as of lately. Meh. Anyway, today I'm going to bring you a review on the Maybelline Super Stay 10 Hr Lipsticks since I've already done a review on the Gloss Stains which you can view here. This lipstick claims to last about 14 hours on your lips but is that really the case? Let's start the review:

The colors I'll be reviewing today are Never Ending Nude, Ravishing Rouge, and Beige Forgood.

L-R: Beige Forgood, Never Ending Nude, Ravishing Rouge

One thing I have to say is that I feel like the colors on the packaging don't necessarily show what the lipstick colors actually are. It kind of bothers me. For example, when I got these, looking at the tube itself, I thought Never Ending Nude was going to be a pinky cream nude color. Actually opening the tube I realized it was extremely shimmery and glittery and blah, you'll see.

Here is what the lipsticks look without the cap on. I thought the design of the tube was actually extremely cute & I liked the way the tip of the lipstick itself was shaped. Unfortunately the shape, though aesthetically pleasing, didn't work too well with the shape of my lips. Another problem with the design is that I honestly had a really hard time taking the dang caps off of them. Then again, I have a hard time taking caps off of anything...

I have also noticed that they have a slight minty feel to them on your lips. I'm not sure why. They have a great smell to them, kind of like candy, and no particular taste that I wasn't able to tolerate.


L-R: Never Ending Nude, Ravishing Rouge, Beige Forgood

  • Never Ending Nude is just wow. Definitely a miss in my book. The lip swatch makes it look decent but it is extremely shimmery and frosty with huge silver glitter particles that wouldn't come off my lips no matter how hard I tried. The color itself which is a neutral light medium pink in the tube is beautiful but not as a lipstick. It's pretty sheer so be ready to pack this on and get huge bits of glitter everywhere. It felt a little scratchy on application.
  • Ravishing Rouge, when looked at in the tube before applying for the first time, looks like a regular red cream finish lipstick, it looks beautiful, it looks like it would apply rather smooth. WRONG. When I first applied this lipstick I kept seeing big glitter pieces popping up everywhere, and I was just getting even more hateful towards Never Ending Nude because of the stupid glitter on that lipstick being so hard to take off. Wiping it off and reapplying, making sure that there wasn't any left over glitter, it was happening again! Sooo I finally just looked at the lipstick itself; inside was just bits of glitter encapsulated in the cream finish outside. What? I really didn't expect that! Surprisingly, my arm swatch barely shows any glitter at all. Also, this lipstick has the transferring ability to your teeth of a champ. As in every time I moved my lips there would be a huge red stain of red on my teeth no matter how long I tried to keep this on. After a while I just got fed up and wiped it off. On another note, this lipstick is not as pigmented as I would expect, it was still pigmented but not to the extent I would have expected from a long wear lipstick.
  • Beige Forgood... what a weird name, I'd have to say. I feel like they ran out of names when it came to this one. Anyway, this lipstick I absolutely adore! It is the perfect nude for me and that says a lot since I really have never had any success with nude lips. The color is as the name states, a beige color, but on your lips it does turn a bit pink with the help of your natural lip color. Since mine are really pigmented, it turned out perfect and it didn't wash me out completely. The color is a bit sheer so you have to layer it on to get the full pigmentation. Out of the colors I own, this is the most moisturizing and I had no problem with teeth staining.
(No, that isn't drool, it's a glitter particle. T____T)

How do I feel about these?

I guess I'm kind of iffy about these. With trying these, I found 1 horrendously shimmery lipstick, 1 glittery red generic lipstick, and my perfect nude. It kind of all evens out. Would I buy more of these though? Definitely not. The staying power wasn't anything too special but I can say they last longer than NYX Round Lipsticks. They do have a decent range in colors but are a bit pricey at $8.99-10.99 USD. They have different lipstick finishes which is nice but at the same time, I wish it was somehow mentioned or shown on the tube. Once again, my verdict is 50/50.

What do you think of these? Would you try these?


  1. I love these lipsticks, they are highly pigmented (ie., long-lasting) but don't have the typical "glue-like" feeling of other long-lasting lip products. The packaging is very cute, nice to haul. I personally gravitate to and love frosty,shimmery lipcolors, so I grabbed both "Never Ending Nude" and "Ultimate Blush" in this line. I LOVE both colors, and wear whichever depending on my mood and/or outfit.

  2. how can u hate such beautiful products


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