Friday, January 6, 2012

Wet N' Wild Color Icon Palette in Greed Review

During CVS's annual 50%-75% off certain cosmetics sale, I picked up this little gem for a total of $2.49. Today I'm doing a review on the Wet N' Wild Color Icon Palette in Greed.

Greed is an excessive desire to possess wealth, goods, or abstract things of value with the intention to keep it for one's self. Greed is an inappropriate expectation. However, greed is applied to a very excessive or rapacious desire and pursuit of wealth, status, and power.*

Is this palette worthy of the name Greed? Let's find out.

As the back states, this palette comes with 3 matte & 3 "highly-pigmented effect shades" (I'll just call them shimmer shades.) The back also has some instructions as to where to apply the different colors on your lids.

The colors included are a matte cream, a matte peach, an deep true matte black, a light blueish silver with gold shimmer, a peach tinged baby pink with gold shimmer, and a dark gray with silver sparkle.

Let's start with the shimmer colors:

- I noticed when just swatching these on my fingers they were a bit gritty and a bit powdery.
- The pigmentation wasn't as good as I thought on the first two colors. The darkest color on the right side was extremely pigmented though.

- As you can see on the finger swatches, there was a lot of powder and tiny bits of fall out even with just finger swatches.

- The color selection is actually rather interesting. When you first look at the top shimmer color it looks like a medium silver color but it ends up having a very noticeable blue tinge to it.

- For the pink and blue-silver colors, they swatch very very sheer on the skin. The gold shimmer shows a lot more intensely.

Now onto the matte colors:
- These are so extremely velvety soft. They were not powdery at all. There was no fall out.

- I am a bit curious as how easily these will break. They are THAT soft.

- The matte colors definitely shined through a lot more in this palette which is a very uncommon thing in drugstore make-up.

-The top cream color is a bit sheer when blended out. I had a hard time swatching it on skin which is why I took out the arm swatches overall.

- The black color definitely blew me away with this palette.

Overall verdict...
A palette as a whole, this has a lot to be desired. (Hahaha, pun.) The colors are kind of all over the place. I can't imagine sporting a peach and deep black look with some blue-silver shimmer on the brow bone, seriously. The pigmentation is hit or miss as well as the textures of these shadows. Would I recommend this palette though? I would say go for it if you really want a great true matte black eye shadow at an incredible price! (Seriously, that black color may have saved the whole palette!) But as far as the palette as a whole, since it was such a cheap price, I don't regret buying it, but out of all the other 6 pan palettes these have to offer, this is definitely not one of the top ones.

Hope you enjoyed my jumbled review! How do you feel about this palette? Or about the W n' W palettes in general?

*Taken from Wikipedia

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