Thursday, January 5, 2012

Small Charlotte Russe Haul

The other day I finally went to Charlotte Russe for the first time in ages, not expecting to find anything, which usually happens. I saw that they were having a huge sale on shoes and then I spotted them. These glorious boots with the bright red shoe laces! A woman was fawning over them and I asked if she liked these. She said she has been trying to find these everywhere but she just hasn't been able to find her size and that she has gone to several malls to find these, this Charlotte Russe being another fluke. I looked at her curiously and asked if I could see them. She shuffled to the side a little and let me see them. Size 6. My size! I said "oh hey! These are my size. Thank god I have small feet!" not actually intending on buying these, assuming she was. I looked at her and smiled politely, jokingly, definitely not a mocking smile, I promise you. She stared at me, did a little fake chuckle, stuck up her nose and walked off. I figured at this point that these were mine for the taking and well, that's what I did! I just couldn't help myself! It was the last pair!

To make this situation even better when I thought they were going to be $20 on sale, they ended up ringing to $15. I was ecstatic! Of course I showed complete composure at the register. Eheheh.

On a less dramatic note, they had brush sets that originally sold for $12.50 but were on sale for $5. I thought they were so extremely cute with their bright pink bristles! They're actually pretty decent quality too. Win!

Hope you enjoyed my silly rant about a 2 piece haul! Until next time! Adios!


  1. I love love love those boots! Sometimes things are such a good deal you have to get them! :D The brushes are also really cute, I need some new ones actually so thanks for reminding me haha!

    I'm posting your prize tommorow as I came out of college too late to send it today :)

    Hannah xx

  2. Haha, thank youuu. SOOOO glad I found them and glad as well to be of service! :P

    and no problem whatsoever. Super excited!!!!


  3. I LUURVE those boots and I would have definately bought them and I would have bought the brushes for $5 (well I live in Britain but I would have bought them for however many pounds that is hehehe!)
    they are very cute

    <3 :D

  4. Hahaha, glad you think so! I'm so excited to wear them out. And the brushes are just too cute, I don't want to use them!



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