Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick : Airy Fairy, Just So, In Vogue, Kasbah Review + Lip Swatches

I have actually done a review on these lipsticks before but that was when I had a piece of crap camera and I only had 2 lipsticks to review. Well, here's a new an improved review with lip swatches, and 2 more colors. The colors I'll be reviewing are Airy Fairy, Just So, In Vogue, and Kasbah.

These by far are my favorite drug store lipsticks. Not only are they sold at great prices but because of just so many other factors; pigmentation, taste/smell, etc. Let's be a little more specific:
  • These lipsticks definitely have a great feel to them on your lips, applying and applied. They go on extremely smooth and for the most part these are all extremely pigmented. I have extremely pigmented lips and these just covered them without a stitch! Some formulas are a little drier than others. For example In Vogue was a lot smoother than Airy Fairy but at the same time In Vogue moved around a little more than Airy Fairy did.
  • They have the most amazing scent a lipstick could ever have. Out of all the lipsticks I have tried, these are my absolute favorite. They smell sweet like cotton candy and they don't have any extremely unpleasant taste unlike the NYX Round Lipsticks (SMH.)
  • As far as moisture goes, I have realized that the lighter colors were less moisturizing than the darker colors. Out of all 4, In Vogue was by far the most moisturizing.
  • Do they enhance wrinkles and dryness on your lips? I have to say it depends on the color you plan on wearing. My lips were a little dried up and irritated from so much lipstick swatching within the past few days but they didn't seem to emphasize it. If anything it covered it up!
  • With most lipsticks, they tend to change colors with different lighting. In yellow toned lighting lipsticks look darker, in blue light they look lighter. Just a warning!
Now onto the long awaited swatches!

First, arm swatches, of course. L-R: In Vogue, Kasbah, Just So, Airy Fairy

Of course there's a smirk with the last one... FYI, these were all taken with natural lighting and no flash. I've realized that with different colors goes different skin tones for me... Hmm.

Me with In Vogue on. Def not looking my greatest. -_-

Would I recommend these? Of course! As I've said, these are my favorite drugstore lipsticks so far. You've read my review and now it's up for you to decide.

Would you buy these? Have you tried them before? What's your feelings on these.


  1. you look great :) I like the look of Airy Fairy and I've heard alot of god reviews
    <3 xoxo :D

  2. btw, which font did you use for your blog title, mine's a bit boring :L
    <3 :D

  3. @Cerys

    thank you so much! Airy Fairy is such a light color, it's surprising it looks decent on me!

    & I actually designed my blog title thing with a photo editor. I'm not sure what the font is, unfortunately.



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