Monday, January 2, 2012

I Won My First Giveaway! Thank you Hannah!

I really cannot believe it! For the first time in my life I have won a giveaway and talk about timing; it's the new year! What did I win, you ask? And from who? Well here's the answers! I won a Sleek Storm Palette from one of the sweetest girls I know, Hannah from Life Sparkles! I really want give a huge shout out to her because she's such a wonderful & generous person as well as a great blogger. I really will never be able to thank her enough not only for sending me something that I have wanted for such a long time, but also for literally making this year start on just such a good foot. I suggest you all check out her blog for great posts, giveaways, and a wonderful person!

Life Sparkles

View her blog by clicking here!

Also, expect a review on the palette soon!


  1. Well done Alma, the palette will be on it's way very soon!

    Thank you for the lovely mention :)

    Hannah xx


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