Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ELF Studio Shimmer Palette Review

I was requested ages ago to review this and I'm sorry I didn't do this sooner! Anywho, stop stalling Alma... Today I bring you the ELF Studio Shimmer Palette. According to ELF:

"The weightless and creamy shimmers illuminate the eyes, lips, and face. Gives skin a healthy and natural glow. Mix and match colors to create your unique look."

One thing I can say about all that mumbo jumbo... "Holy shimmer, Batman!"

(Yes, I did take that picture and I am just as baffled as you are that I did.)

This shimmer palette currently only comes in one set of colors and is priced at $3 on eyeslipsface.com. I was able to score mine for $1.80 at K-Mart a couple months back so maybe if you search around enough, you might find one of these in one of the clearance bins. 

The product...

- As mentioned above, there is only one set of colors available right now. There's white, champagne, nude, and a pink, all extremely shimmery, thus naming this a shimmer palette.

- In the palette itself, they all look fairly different in color, but depending on how thick you apply it on, it could either look extremely shiny and different, or they could all look pretty much the same if applied thinly. 
- The consistency is similar to that of the ELF cream eyeshadows, particularly similar in consistency to the cream shadow in Bronzed. It's thin but very very pigmented. You can seriously swipe your finger on top of it for a nano-second and you could potentially be picking up too much product. 

- This is a badly taken picture of the shimmers in action (indoor natural lighting) and you can see that they have a magnificent sheen. This was one swipe of product. As far as colors, you can see that the pink is definitely the most different in color. The white being the second. 

- Here they are (with flash) and you can see more of a difference in colors, pink, as before, with the most prominent in color difference. 'Scuse my gross veiny hand...

- These are pretty greasy feeling to the touch and with oily skin you probably will not be having the most desirable experience with this product. What I'm trying to say is:
  • Do NOT use this as a base for your eyeshadow unless you want your eyeshadow seeping into your eyes on a hot summer day/a long day. 
  • The wear time of this product depends on your skin type. Assuming you have oily skin, it'll probably wear off tons quicker than a person with dry skin.
  • It may make your skin look extra greasy if you put on too much.
Ways to use this:
  • You can use this as a highlight of course! This would be a beautiful highlight for your face (IF USED SPARINGLY.)

    - You can highlight via the "C" shape in which you put some under your brow bone and on your cheek bone and add a tiny bit of shimmer to connect the two. With the right amount of product and with the perfect ray of sunlight, it will look absolutely stunning. I would probably not suggest using the pink one for this unless that's your style...
    - Going further with highlighting, use a tiny bit on the bridge of your nose, cupid's bow, everywhere else you'd high light on your face!
    IF YOU'RE DARING ENOUGH, use it around your eyes! Highlighting the inner corners of your eyes, brow bone, etc.
    - Honestly I can't really think of using this as anything else unless you like frosty lip colors...
I'm not sure how I feel about this product because honestly I'm not a shimmer kind of gal. If you want an alternative to this product by ELF, you can try one of the Essential Shimmering Facial Whips (I have one in Spotlight.) The difference between these two shimmery products is that the essential line one has an Orange Creamsicle smell to it and it's also rather thick and can sometimes be hard to blend out. I heard that the All Over Color Stick is basically the same way but in a solid form. 

At $3 for a decent amount of product and sleek packaging, it's not bad. Definitely not as expensive as the Benefit High Beam liquid highlighter. It doesn't have a fragrance to it (which I love because almost all products that do break me out BAD) and the consistency is slick and smooth. 

I haven't reached for this very much but when I have I used it for this: 

When wearing a certain top or a dress, I'll use this product to highlight my shoulders, prominent bony areas around my neck, etc. I think doing this will add a beautiful touch to a person's look without making them look like they have sunburn and shiny skin.

What do you think of the ELF Studio Shimmer Palette? Is it just TOO shimmery for you? What would you use it for?


  1. I'm a huge fan of the Shimmer palette. :D I practically use it everyday for the my inner tear ducts. It looks fantastic~!

    1. I wish I could pull off a look like that but for some reason I just cannot! My everyday look is a matte black and brown smokey eye.

      I bet it looks stunning on you!!

  2. great tips on how to use the shimmer palette! I bought and really haven't used it for anything except as an eye shadow base (and even then not that much). I like the whole collar bone high lighting effect!

  3. Thanks for being so thorough and honest; great to come by in a beauty blogger. This seems like exactly my product and I've never tried the shoulder highlighting trick(and I really love highlighting and contouring) so I'll be sure to try that. Alas, I wish I could wear a dress like that without using makeup to cover up my dramatic tan lines; you're so lucky to have even skin.

  4. I use this pretty regularly, in small amounts-- unlike others that have reviewed, I find it to be plenty long-lasting, but my skin is dry and I prime and wear foundation under & set it with powder, which always makes a difference. Oily skins really shouldn't use light creams like this, they need powder, liquid or gel. For a dab on top of my cheekbones, I love it, it blends so smoothly.


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