Thursday, April 4, 2013

Buffalo, NY Shopping Haul

I'm trying not to make hauls into a habit but I am just so excited to show you some of the sales going on! Especially if you are from the Buffalo area (which I'm not, I'm just visiting my dad for the week)! The stores I went to, I honestly can't remember some of them, but I can remember all the prices! Haha. I went to Target, CWPrice, Dollar Tree, Big Lots, Wet Seal, Marshalls, and 2 beauty supply stores at the Galleria Mall. 

  • ELF Small Stipple Brush - $3.00 - Been looking for this for ages since I saw it at K-Mart but they were out of stock! I really didn't want to have to order from their website and it's like it was a sign from God saying, "wait, Alma, it is not time yet." 
  • Sinful Colors Endless Blue - $1.99 - This polish actually just came onto my wish list recently, and now it's coming right off! This polish is so vivid and gorgeous.
 This is a discount clothing store that I haven't seen anywhere else besides in Buffalo. Today was the first time I went inside and I wish I did sooner!
  • Black & White Striped Bra - $2.00 - A gorgeous bra on sale for only $2!?! Such great sales.
  • Black Tassel Flats - $9.99 - All of the shoes there were average around $12.99 and as low as $7.99! 
Dollar Tree:
  • Sinful Colors Cabana, Cream Pink, Paradise- $1.00 each - I found out via Nouveau Cheap that there was Sinful Colors polishes so I had to check one of them here and low and behold, there they were! The Dollar Tree back at my home town didn't have any which was a bummer.
  • Almay Nail Polish Duo - $1.00 - One of the polishes doesn't have a name and the other one is called "Stone". They're very vintage which I thought was pretty cool and they're gorgeous colors.
Wet Seal:
The Wet Seal I went to was having a clearance promotion where if you bought one item, the next clearance item was 1 cent! 
  • Royal Blue Flats - $10.99 - These are gorgeous with gold studs along the front and heel and they were the last pair, so I can't say you'd be able to find them. Sorry! =[
  • Dark Blue Tank Top - $0.01 - This was the 2nd item I got for a penny, while the clearance price was $4.99.
Big Lots:
  • Sally Hansen Happy Manicures with Gem Crush 4 Pc. Mini Polish Set - $3.00 - I was so happy to find this because I love so many of the Gem Crush polishes, but I really just wasn't willing to spend the full price for the full sized bottles. I just don't wear glitter polishes enough! 
  • Sephora by OPI I Only Shop Vintage - $3.00 - This was on sale for $3.00 instead of $3.99. Heh, I would have bought this for the full price!
Various Beauty Supplies:
  • Zoya Angel, Crystal - $2.99 each - In one of the stores there was a gigantic basket full of Zoya polishes for $2.99 each, including Zoya Maisie and so many more. I wish I picked up more but I just have so many polishes. Ugh.
  • China Glaze Ride The Waves - $3.99 - This was in a clearance bin and I love me blue polish!
  • Color Club Cosmic Fate - $6.99 - This was the cheapest price I have been able to find for this polish! Word of advice, search around before you get over excited. I found this polish for $8.50 in 2 stores, and then was able to find this for $1.50 less! 
And that is my haul! Just because you may not live in the Buffalo area doesn't mean the sales I came across aren't applicable in stores by you! Happy shopping!


  1. Cute haul!!!! I learned that Sinful Colors were at Dollar Tree too, but I didn't buy any because I have like 50 nail polishes already... haha. Great haul! :)
    Follow me maybe?
    -Jenna <3

  2. So many cute items for great deals!! Love the flats you got!!

  3. as awful as I feel doing this, you really need to see it. have a lovely life, you're a beautiful girl.

  4. I love your blogs! Can you do a review on elf studio brushes?

  5. Great products!

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    Love your blog btw :))

  7. I Love Sally Hansen products. The bra is quite funky!
    Lovely blog! Following you now. Follow back and return the Love! Will Appreciate it!
    Red Alice


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