Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fake MAC Brushes Review

So, I've finally received the brushes from eBay that I bought a couple weeks ago. I asked some people's opinion on them asking whether or not it mattered if they were fake or not and a lot of people thought it wasn't a big deal. You can see some peoples' comments here.Today I'm finally going to do a long awaited review that I've been wanting to do! Let's get started!

When I received this in the mail, I found the brushes inside the case, exactly like this. The large face brushes came with plastic protecters that I have already lost (oops!). In the case you can see 4 pockets: one on the right side, 2 on the left side, and 1 pocket pouch with a zipper.

Here is the infamous fake MAC logo. You can tell the difference because of the "M" where there is a much more prominent space in the middle of it, vs. the actual MAC logo. You will be seeing this in more pictures, showing that these are obviously fake.

Just like real MAC brushes, none of which I have and don't intend on, these each have a specific number for each model of brushes.

Unlike the real brushes, though, are the brushes themselves. I gathered some pictures from Google and compiled pictures of the real brushes to show you how they should look like and what the fake brushes do look like.
The top image is exactly identical to the image at the bottom as far as numbering. You can see the difference of brushes here. Some look absolutely nothing alike, some a little more similar. The area where the question mark is was supposed to be the "237" but I found out that either there is no such thing or it is a discontinued brush. Thus, I could not find the image of it.

The top image is exactly identical to the image at the bottom as far as numbering.
With the face brushes, you can see a lot of similarities and differences too. The area with the question mark is supposed to be the "136". This is actually a discontinued brush so I was unable to find a good image for it.

Softness, Density, Comparisons, etc.
  • 316 Lip Brush - This brush is actually supposed to have a metal cover and be a retractable lip brush. The one I received was designed like a regular brush. It's extremely soft with dark brown bristles.
  • 212 Flat Definer Brush - This brush isn't very dense and it's extremely thin. It's very soft with bristles similar to the "316" brush I received.
  • 263 Small Angle Brush - The brush is actually made very interestingly. the bristles itself isn't very dense but they put something where the ferrule meets the bristles to make it appear and feel more dense than it actually is. I actually really like this brush. The bristles are extremely soft.
  • 237 ? - As previously said, I wasn't able to find exactly what this brush actually supposed to be used for, nor could I find an actual picture for it. I can compare this brush to the ELF Studio Small Smudge Brush but with brown with white tipped bristles.
  • 219 Pencil Brush - Out of all the brushes that I got in this set, this one is my favorite. I love white bristles, which this has, and it is so extremely soft. One of the softest brushes I have! I can compare the size to the ELF Professional Crease Brush but the bristles are a tad bit longer.
  • 209 Eye Liner Brush - This brush, in my opinion, is just way too large for a liner brush because it's a good 3.5 mm wide at the base. I'm honestly not too sure what I would do with this one. The density is so so but the bristles are very soft and smooth.
  • 275 Medium Angled Shading Brush - This brush is decently large, very dense, and very fluffy. It's bristles are comparable to the ELF Professional Blending Brushes with the brown color and softness. I don't know how I could use this without making a huge mess since it's really large in comparison to my lid. I suppose it could be used for blending. It's very very soft.
  • 214 Short Shader Brush - This brush is the least soft of all the eye brushes. It has black bristles and is very dense. I actually really like this, regardless, since the density is good and the bristles are a great length for the size/shape of my eye.
  • 136 Large Powder Brush/Blush Brush - This is a discontinued brush in the real MAC line of brushes. This brush is VERY large, very dense, and decently soft. The bristles can be compared to the ELF Studio Complexion Brush with black bristles as well as softness.
  • 168 Large Angled Contour Brush - This brush is known to be significantly smaller than the real MAC 168 which is very true. I would definitely not consider this brush large. It's not very dense but it is so extremely soft. I love the white bristles and the great angle to it.
  • 187 Duo Fibre Brush - I really am not a fan of this brush. It looks very plasticy and it's not dense at all. I had a lot of issues with shedding too. The real brush is made from synthetic and natural bristles, whilst this one is just completely synthetic bristles. It is soft, but I just don't think I could use this for foundation or anything that the real brush could easily be used for.
  • 190 Foundation Brush - This brush is just a regular paddle foundation brush but a little better. It is obviously great quality because it's a bit larger and a lot more dense than ones you can find in drugstores. It's soft and smooth and I've seen high end brushes that are poorer quality than this. I loveeee it!
My goodness, for $12.99 with no tax and free shipping? These were absolutely worth it! In my honest opinion, I would have preferred to not have the whole MAC logo thing going on but it really doesn't bother me all that much. These are incredible brushes at an incredible price and I would highly recommend them! Now I have 12 brand new, great quality brushes joining my collection and I could not be happier.

I would definitely suggest you try these for you brush lovers! They aren't real MAC but honestly it's just a name. As long as they work, right? Would you try these? Does anyone else have these? Let me know!

**Images without my watermark were taken from Google.


  1. Thank you Cerys! By the way, I'm so happy that you managed to get the background to work! Keep in touch!


  2. I too have this same set via Ebay from China. I think they are good value as the real Mac brushes are way too expensive. Looking forward to using my new set.
    Suzanne From the UK

  3. Hello, I just purchased a Replica M*A*C from ebay. I cant wait to get them in my mail box... Check out the link. I think they look pretty nice!I like the barrel looks very cute. Hope they are good as they look.

    Here is the link:

  4. yay! thanks for this. i see so many of them advertised on ebay that i started to get curious. i'm in search for an affordable brush set right now. but only a 7-pc set below P1000 hopefully. :-)

  5. I think they're worth it, despite the shedding problems with some, because the quality is pretty good considering its price and also, the real ones are way to expensive for me :(

  6. shame on you for buying counterfeit products! you have no idea what those are made of and you're contributing to a huge problem that involves fake makeup! do you buy everything off the black market?

  7. What did you search to find these?

  8. hi i was wondering what link you used to order these fake mac brushes? id really appreciate it


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